Mr Squirrel arrives at Patto

8 08 2012

After a very anxious wait he finally arrived. We were very worried as we thought he got lost in the post. He is over a week and half late.

Mrs B found him a little flattened and sad in his post bag in her pigeon hole at lunch time, today. She took him out and he couldn’t wait to meet some of the children at Patto. She raced him over to the Multimedia centre where her last class of the day would be lined up to start their lesson.

Mr Squirrel was so glad to be in the friendly hands of children again after such a long time in the dark being tossed around with all kinds of mail in mail bags in the back of Australia Post trucks.

Tomorrow his adventures reallly start. He is off to visit every grade as well as join the set of the Where Oh Where is Nosey Bear? show. He might even get a gig on our Friday in- school radio broadcast.

His visit will be a little rushed as he is due at his next school later next week. We have a jammed packed program of events for Mr Squirrel.

Here is is with Grade 3b last period of the day Wednesday 8th August.

3B are so glad Mr Squirrel has stopped to visit our school His travel book was a good read. What will Patto add to it?

Mr Squirrel meets Nosey Bear for the first time. These boys are cetainly making Mr Squirrel feel welcome.




2 responses to “Mr Squirrel arrives at Patto”

    8 08 2012
      Mrs Kim Morgan (Team One D) (21:12:00) :     Reply

    On behalf of the Patterson Lakes Primary School teachers, we are delighted to have Mr Squirrel at Patto. We hope he has a good night’s rest, no jet lag, as Mr Squirrel is about to find out why Patto rocks Australia!

    We have had many famous people, even the Prime Minister, but never a squirrel at Patto!

    Cheers and have fun with your Patto friends.

    13 08 2012
      Trish (15:14:01) :     Reply

    I am so glad Mr. Frizzle Tail has arrived safely. He seems to be a ‘late traveller’ as he also arrived a few weeks late to our school at Yuille Park CC. We really loved having him visit our school and our senior students are currently working on a news article about his visit and will appear in our next edition of Yuille News.
    We hope you enjoy having Mr. Frizzle Tail visit and look forward to continuing to read his blog and share in his adventures.

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