Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

15 08 2012

Mr Squirrel took his travel book and camera and went visiting the junior school classrooms. He left on Thursday morning and finally came back on Tuesday at 3:30 just as the end of day school bell was ringing. The photos showed he had many varied adventures in classrooms with lots of hugs and smiles with the children. He even got to spend some time outside.

He has written about these adventures in his travel book and selected photos to go with his story.

He is feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed having spent time at Patterson Lakes Primary school. He doesn’t want to move on but he knows he must as his next school is waiting.  Although I feel he is planning a few more activities before he gets put into a post bag and posted to the next school.

Here are few photos that are not included in the report he added to his book.



One response to “Bright eyed and bushy tailed!”

    22 08 2012
      Emily (09:51:28) :     Reply

    I really like you blog and I like the idea of the squrrel. Just one thing that help you blog is try to use pron-nouns a little bit more often.

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