Goodbye Cairnlea Park Primary School! I will miss you all!

31 08 2012

On Friday we completed our window display for Book Week – our theme was Roald Dahl because we looooovvvveeee his books. We created a massive display of The Twits – it was a competition across the whole school and guess what???? We WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are going to put our photo in the school newsletter for everyone to see!

On Tuesday I spent the night with Luis – I played Bopit XT, I played hide and seek with his Mum (I found the best hiding spot) and I read Luis and his brother (Isiah) a bedtime story.

I am going to miss these guys – I am also sad that I am going to miss out on the exciting week next week – you should see what is coming into the classroom next week!!!!! They are getting Duck eggs!!!! They are going to watch them hatch and look after them when they come out of the eggs – little ducklings running around in their classroom!!!! Wish I was still here for it!!!

Until next time….Mr Frizzletail.




One response to “Goodbye Cairnlea Park Primary School! I will miss you all!”

    4 09 2012
      Nosey Bear (12:11:49) :     Reply

    I enjoyed reading your blog entries. You school is larger than mine. Book week sounded like a whole lotta fun.
    Nosey Bear c/- Patterson Lakes Primary School

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