My Visit to Bletchely Park

I have had a wonderful time in Perth.  Mrs Wolfenden was very surprised to find me in her pigeon hole one day – I think she had forgotten I was coming to visit for a while!!!  Luckily, the Year 3 Superstars were very pleased to see me.  I spent the first two weeks with them, helping them with their work and exploring their school.  Part of the highlight of my visit was joining them for book week.

The Superstars went on holiday at the end of the two weeks and I went home with Mrs W.  I went with her to the ACEC2012, a conference on using computers in education.  We both learnt a lot, but I think the best thing about it was that I got to catch up with some friends I hadn’t see for a while.  It was so good to see them, I’d been missing them.

I’m off to the Northern Territory today.  I’m really hoping that my mailbag won’t be as stuffy this time as it was when I came to Perth.  Some air holes would be good!!

Until next time…

Mr Frizzletail.

Kimberley Adventures!

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry it has been a while since I have posted! It takes a long time to travel places in the Kimberley, but BOY was it an adventure!!

When I arrived, I was picked up by Sir at the Post Office, which is about 120km from Jarlmadangah! We spent an hour and a half in the troupie just to arrive at school!

While I was there, I stayed with Miss and Junior Primary. We had lots of fun together, they even wrote a book about me in their home language! We went for a tour around the community and played sports at night time, because it got too hot in the afternoon. I thought my fur was going to melt off when the kids told me it wasn’t even hot yet! Some of them even wore jackets to school when it was 30 degrees!

I really like it here, the red dirt is very beautiful and the sun shines very brightly. The kids showed me where they used to buy things before the shop closed down and we thought about how nice an ice block would be out here in the heat. One girl found some beans on the ground and showed me how you can grind it up with water to use as soap in the shower and how you can eat them, if you cook them up.

The kids were very proud of their school, and they should be! It was a great place to visit! Check out these photos on their website.

Well that’s all for now from me,

I look forward to my next adventure!

Mr F

Goodbye Cairnlea Park Primary School! I will miss you all!

On Friday we completed our window display for Book Week – our theme was Roald Dahl because we looooovvvveeee his books. We created a massive display of The Twits – it was a competition across the whole school and guess what???? We WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are going to put our photo in the school newsletter for everyone to see!

On Tuesday I spent the night with Luis – I played Bopit XT, I played hide and seek with his Mum (I found the best hiding spot) and I read Luis and his brother (Isiah) a bedtime story.

I am going to miss these guys – I am also sad that I am going to miss out on the exciting week next week – you should see what is coming into the classroom next week!!!!! They are getting Duck eggs!!!! They are going to watch them hatch and look after them when they come out of the eggs – little ducklings running around in their classroom!!!! Wish I was still here for it!!!

Until next time….Mr Frizzletail.


I nearly became a Crocodile’s lunch!

The next stop was Donald’s house – he fed me biscuits because he had ran out of nuts! I became the Commander of Donald’s room and his soldiers surrounded me to protect me. I made some new friends – their names were Elmo and B1.

We arrived at school the next morning and I was told that I was going home with Joshua for the weekend. He is one crazy kid! At Joshua’s house we played Lego (he built a Mr Frizzletail holder), while we waited for Joshua’s Aunty to come and pick us up for a sleepover at her house. Then we hopped into the car and we had a pit stop at the supermarket. Joshua left me in the car with my seatbelt on so that I couldn’t escape! Over the next couple of days we went AMF Bowling, ate hot chips, I came 3rd in bowling, then…I nearly became a Crocodiles lunch!!!! Lucky I am fast otherwise it would have been messy! The pizza made everything better. Check out the photo!!

Finally I have arrived at Cairnlea Park Primary School, Victoria, Australia

I arrived at my new home last week. When I arrived at the office of Cairnlea Park Primary School I was told that I had become the 875th student. WOW! This school is massive, there are 37 classes ranging from Grade Prep to Grade Six. I was welcomed into Grade 2LA and 2BR by 36 students and 2 teachers (Miss Anderson and Miss Rae).


I was glad to get out of that postal bag and stretch my tail!!! I was lucky enough to have been taken home by Isabella for my first night in town. At Isabella’s family home I was allowed to cook up a storm in the kitchen. My acorn muffins were a hit! Isabella gave me a makeover and dressed me up – you should have seen my earrings! We woke up early, brushed our teeth and headed back to school for a busy day in the classroom.


That night I went home with Charlie! I became the 6th member of his family. I had a busy couple of days. First Charlie took me to the park. It was the BEST park that I have ever seen. You should have seen the massive slide – we had a couple of rides on it. I was soooooo scared that I asked Charlie to hold my hand all the way dooowwwwnnnnn!!!!! He came with me on the tractor and the spinning wheel. I got so dizzy and felt sick.

Patto says, “Goodbye”

Today was Mr. Squirrel’s last day with us. He really didn’t want to go. He was preparing his stories for his travelling book, and as he was doing this Nosey Bear and two members of his crew grabbed him for a TV interview. After filming the segment the grade working with Mrs B in the Multimedia centre gathered for a farewell cuddle and said goodbye.

Not to wanting to miss out on anything before he was zipped up in his post bag, he hopped into the radio room for the recording of ‘Your House in the Hot Seat’ a prerecorded radio show for our in-house live radio broadcast on Friday. He didn’t know any of the answers to the Hot Seat questions and 15 seconds really makes answering the quick fire questions, very nerve wracking indeed. Having a siren blow when time is up, gave him a little scare in a good way. His tail went all fluffy!

We had a great time with him and wished he could stay just a little bit longer. We hope he comes back one day. A whirl wind 5 days!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Mr Squirrel took his travel book and camera and went visiting the junior school classrooms. He left on Thursday morning and finally came back on Tuesday at 3:30 just as the end of day school bell was ringing. The photos showed he had many varied adventures in classrooms with lots of hugs and smiles with the children. He even got to spend some time outside.

He has written about these adventures in his travel book and selected photos to go with his story.

He is feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed having spent time at Patterson Lakes Primary school. He doesn’t want to move on but he knows he must as his next school is waiting.  Although I feel he is planning a few more activities before he gets put into a post bag and posted to the next school.

Here are few photos that are not included in the report he added to his book.

Mr Squirrel arrives at Patto

After a very anxious wait he finally arrived. We were very worried as we thought he got lost in the post. He is over a week and half late.

Mrs B found him a little flattened and sad in his post bag in her pigeon hole at lunch time, today. She took him out and he couldn’t wait to meet some of the children at Patto. She raced him over to the Multimedia centre where her last class of the day would be lined up to start their lesson.

Mr Squirrel was so glad to be in the friendly hands of children again after such a long time in the dark being tossed around with all kinds of mail in mail bags in the back of Australia Post trucks.

Tomorrow his adventures reallly start. He is off to visit every grade as well as join the set of the Where Oh Where is Nosey Bear? show. He might even get a gig on our Friday in- school radio broadcast.

His visit will be a little rushed as he is due at his next school later next week. We have a jammed packed program of events for Mr Squirrel.

Here is is with Grade 3b last period of the day Wednesday 8th August.

3B are so glad Mr Squirrel has stopped to visit our school His travel book was a good read. What will Patto add to it?

Mr Squirrel meets Nosey Bear for the first time. These boys are cetainly making Mr Squirrel feel welcome.


Squirrel’s Adventures with 1W!

Squirrel visited 1W toward the end of Term Two. It was GREAT having him in our classroom. He helped us with reading, spelling, and he even came to assembly with us!

Squirrel is welcome back to 1W any time and we wish him the best in the rest of his travels! 🙂