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Squirrel’s adventures in 4T

Mr Frizzle-tail’s Adventures with 4T

Mount Annan Christian College

Mr Frizzle-tail has enjoyed his time in 4T and has been joining us learning about different cultures in the student’s family in 4T.  He ate some of the student’s food they brought in. He loved the English scones, the Croation and the Greek cookies. Mr Frizzle tail has been very nice and he loved eating some of the food.

Mr Frizzle-tail joined us for so many other different things too. He joined us for math tests and reading. We also made a throne a crown and a table. He had so much fun!
Mr Frizzle tail enjoyed being with us and we shall miss him very much. It has been great being a part of his adventure!

Mr Frizzle tail is crying he doesn’t want to leave us we don’t want him to leave .I hope you can be as nice as we were. Thank you Mr frizzles tail for being with us.